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Gershon Legman vs. The term pulp derives from the cheap wood pulp paper on which the magazines were printed. ORG is a free, non-commercial project with the goal of preserving selected paper-based cultural artifacts for future  Pulp Adventures pushes the envelope again with a mash-up of horror, western, and two stories (written under his pseudonyms) from the same pulp magazine. Safran - Tied to the Whipping Post, tied to the Whipping Post. And, in PULP HORROR, Issue 5 you’ve got an article about the Italian fumetti adult comic books, which have wild bondage and torture covers that are similar to the men’s adventure “sweat magazine” subgenre. Après Halloween (le Carpenter) et Manhattan, il s'agit de leur premier plongeon dans la mer de tous les délices, le cinéma italien. Art: Original cover or interior art done for pulp magazines or book covers. A lot of that reading was done in the process of researching articles for my fanzine BLOOD 'N' THUNDER, which I published between 2002 and 2016. The growth of science fiction fanzines and fandom can be traced back to the 1920s, and has its roots in the first science fiction pulp magazine: Amazing Stories. ORG is a free, non-commercial project with the goal of preserving selected paper-based cultural artifacts for future generations of readers, in the form of cover images in JPG format, and, where available, complete cover-to-cover scans in PDF format. Another real treat is Vincent Price's In Defense of Horror Films. nightmare nightmare magazine obituary occult pam grier pamela green phantom of the opera photon photoplay picture play magazine planet of the apes playboy prehistoric times psycho magazine pulp magazines pulp mill quasimodo's monster magazine raquel welch ray harryhausen rue morgue scary monsters scary tales scream queen scream the horror zine About Us. There are some untrimmed pulps that are as large as 8" by 11. In 1954 the comic book industry was devastated by the gamesmanship of opportunistic politicians, after which Reed Crandall began to draw for Classics Illustrated Comics. Lot Of 50 Comics Sale. Wellman’s meta-fictional “The Terrible Parchment” is definitely an early example of humorous Cthuliana, positing a copy of Weird Tales delivered to its subscriber and containing a page from The Necronomicon. Basically, what I want to accomplish is the collection of short stories by indie and self-published writers, with the final plan to put them together in three booklets - a science fiction one, a fantasy one and a horror one. I enjoy the mixture of Victorian naiveté and pre-code exploitation in truly imaginative Horror and Fantasy stories, and I just love the cover art! Ed Hulse organized the film program as usual and the theme was “From Pulp to Silver Screen. This past weekend, a group of friends met to finish a a Call of Cthulhu game that I had started some five years ago. Science Fiction Pulps For Sale. Index to the Weird Tales Collector fanzine Stealing this description from the excellent Tellers of Weird Tales blog : As a writer, editor, publisher, fan, and collector, Mr. Links page offers a phenomenal assortment of pulp resources available on the Internet. All magazine covers are copyrighted by their publishers. Established in 1978, we offer a large vintage stock specializing in Mystery, SF, Horror, vintage paperbacks, pulp magazines and ephemera. Fantasy Scroll Magazine was a first monthly, then quarterly e-zine that was published between 2014 and 2016. [2] Os pulps substituem publicações anteriores como penny dreadfuls, folhetins e dime novels. From Zombos' Closet From Zombos' Closet comes a classy and trashy collection of popular culture artifacts for those who love the terrors and treats in movies, books, and Halloween. The story was Trail of Doomsday written by Lohr McKinstry in 1969 and published by Lynn Myers in his fanzine The Doc Savage Journal. Judith Josephine Grossman (January 21, 1923 – September 12, 1997), who took the pen-name Judith Merril about 1945, was an American and then Canadian science fiction writer, editor and political activist, and one of the first women to be widely influential in those roles. A. Howard. Although King is widely considered to be the master of horror, he’s previously said he doesn’t have an answer when people ask what drives him. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Tim Roth, Ving Rhames, and Uma Thurman, it tells several stories of criminal Los Angeles. police detective who went on to become a prolific novelist, editor, publisher, blogger, and pulp maven. Of the three realms this is the least well developed, in my opinion. Fanzines (Fan  "There was never an artist who came close to capturing horror and dread like Lee it was in the archives of the Metropolitan Museum or in a pulp magazine. pulp? Magazine using the common pulp size: 6. Jim O Brien on Rabid Dogs, The Fanatic on Killer Dogs, Kev Demant on Peter Saxon, Andreas Decker on German horror pulps, and letters. We have interviewed celebrities like Sara Karloff, Jessica Harper, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Ben Chapman or John Carpenter among others. Pulp Fiction (Redirected from Vincenzo Vega) Read in another language Watch this page Edit Title: The Horror from the Hills You are not logged in. Starring John Travolta, Samuel L. These magazines delivered action and heroes that were some of the most creative in literary history. Página dedicada al género Pulp, autores, ilustradores y todo lo concerniente a los mismos. These books and magazines have opened up an entire new world for Look, I’ll just flat out admit it…. Finlay’s interior illustration for “Pigeons from Hell” appeared on the cover of MAGAZINE OF HORROR #21 which reprinted Howard’s “Kings of the Night. Smith was on there. Interview with Warren and The Oblivians + live footage with the band and music videos by New Bomb Turks, Lazy Cowgirls, Chrome Cranks, Elvis, Pegans, 13th Floor Elevators, and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. With Nicole Bujard, Stefan Keseberg, Alex Kaese, Peter Schrader. A very, very cool Karloff collectible! In very good to excellent condition. Jul 11, 2015 by Mike Chomko. Get your kull robert now online! This The Thriller No 555 Vol 21 from the 23rd of September 1939 is The Midnight Road By Andrew Wood, Breathless Thrills And Clever Detective Work In A Gripping Long Complete Story, also inside, Golden Guilt By Francis Gerard, John Meredith - In League With The Three Clasped Hands - A Strong Enthralling Story Of John Meredith C. If there's one genre out there that is as popular with the sci-fi/fantasy community as high fantasy, it's superheroes. Concerning Editorial pieces/Columns/Reviews on ALL PULP-Opinions and Views Expressed in a Column, Review, or other non news editorial piece are clearly the views of the Individual writing the piece and do not necessarily in any way reflect the views of ALL PULP or its staff as a collective. Have you entered our giveaway? We're giving away Batman: The Killing Joke, CGC Signed 9. What you will find here is a selection of posts from the blog edited and repurposed for reading offli Welcome to Issue 14 of the Rolemaster Fanzine. Aug 6, 2019 by Mike Chomko. ) the first session failed to "gel" and so a reboot was conducted last month, with the concluding episode played last night. nightmare nightmare magazine obituary occult pam grier pamela green phantom of the opera photon photoplay picture play magazine planet of the apes playboy prehistoric times psycho magazine pulp magazines pulp mill quasimodo's monster magazine raquel welch ray harryhausen rue morgue scary monsters scary tales scream queen scream the horror zine An overview of this fine pulp fanzine leaves one with a touch of nostalgia. The Internet Speculative Fiction Database - a community effort to catalog works of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, including fanzines. Find great deals on eBay for science fiction fanzine and pulp magazine. Pulp fiction magazines were the main source of everyday entertainment for the masses during the first half of the 20th Century. I was the Editor-in-Chief and publisher of the e-zine from inception until it’s end. Open by chance or by appointment, we are brick & mortar location primarily selling via the Internet. We’ve been selling comics since 1961 (our first sale: Fantastic Four #1 at $0. Barometer Falling (Gray Morrow) Horror Tale-Curse Of Living Corpse Stills Baron Weirwulf Page-If Bucky Lives (Gil Kane) Captain America Tale Bat Rat Flies Again-Hairy Blob Little Monsters Tales ‘Sword Of Dragonus’ is a reprint from a fanzine and is very good, with the best art of the issue. It might not be for everyone, but if you happen to really enjoy visceral, gore-soaked pulp fiction full of zombies, murder, revenge and madmen then Zombie Pulp is barking up your hangman's tree. In some cases (like the comics fanzine ROCKET'S BLAST COMICOLLECTOR) I am the publisher and so have multiple copies of the books I publish, as well as rare collectibles. BRONZE SHADOWS was the beginning for many pulp enthusiasts, and though fifty years later, I believe we have come a long way down the road, we could not have done Fanzines (Fan Magazines) - Any pulp related fanzine. “In Storm, Don Gates has given us a classic pulp hero in the grand tradition of Doc Savage, Jim Anthony and Captain Hazzard. Me and Panos aren’t snobs. The chief home of Richmal Crompton's "William" stories for nearly 18 years: there was an episode in almost every issue, and William frequently appeared on the cover (illustrated by Thomas Henry Thomas Henry Fisher). Arkham Horror ↑ Planet Pulp. It has become a tradition on this date for Howard fans to read a favorite story and raise a toast. Next came Graham Masterton. eBay Logo: Shop by category. If you haven’t guessed by now, I am a very big fan of the weird pulp writers of the early 20th century. Halloween Pulp Stories As you can see I'm ready for some horror stories and most of all the H P Lovecraft stories contained in Weird Tales for Nov. The first independent film to gross more than $200 million, Pulp Fiction was a shot of adrenaline to Hollywood’s heart, reviving John Travolta’s career, making stars of Samuel L. The zine is 20pp and it's scheduled to get released every two months. Today we continue our Reading the Hugos series with a look at the five Fanzine finalists. Paul is a former L. 12,028 likes · 542 talking about this. A sequel to this story would appear in the 3 rd issue of Mike Friedrich’s independent magazine Star*Reach. Why did I do this? So the PCs go from survival horror to pulp heroes. The cover was cool, but the author’s name was nowhere to be found. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The second issue of the fantasy fanzine Scrolls of Legendry. Pulp to fill up a small blue box, twenty centimeters, but the child will keep screaming in his head forever. No rights are given or implied. HCDJ Welcome to Elitist Book Reviews! We're a small group of people that just happen to have better taste in books than you. Comic art is an art medium used to present ideas or stories via images. READITFREE. Infernaliana is a spanish fanzine dedicated to fantastic and horror cinema, comics, illustration and literature from León (Spain). The label is run out of Hamburg by Tim Warren. Sharp · nv 70 · The The Fanzine Culture. Magazine size on high quality paper with textured cover. The Luminist Archives a. His work was much admired by Lovecraft in spite of its concessions to pulp formulae. Spring 1972. That may not seem like many but do bear in Despite playing the genre field, Cage has a passion for pulp. net Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Famous Fantastic Mysteries, October 1941 - FAMOUS FANTASTIC MYSTERIES was primarily a reprint pulp, bringing back science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories originally written and published before Instead of a dark, hard scifi horror and conspiracy setting with high mortality rates for PCs, it's now a retro-futuristic ark, hard scifi horror and conspiracy setting with lower mortality rates. During that time, some of  MONSTER HORROR MAGAZINE Thriller Science Fiction Pulp Fiction Scary PDF DVD - $6. K. k. . - 21 issues were published. Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine (July showing a female led society when men are worked under the female lash. One of the things that the current Mrs F found particularly entertaining about your humble blogger, in the early days of our acquaintance, was the spectacle of me carting my granny’s wonky shopping trolley around Manchester, stuffed with copies of Samhain to be hawked to Forbidden DTA Collectibles buys and sells comic books, pulp magazines, sports memorabilia and other vintage paper collectibles. Mandy is a love letter to ’80s horror and sci-fi excess, and Cage clearly loves this material. D. Tim Curran is a prolific author, who has perfected the art of horror fiction, with an especially keen sense of both pacing and a talent for descriptive [12] [25] O fanzine era editado por Raymond A. Released in 2012, Echoes, the longest-running pulp fanzine of all time, is back for a special 30th anniversary issue by Tom & Ginger Johnson, and it's the largest single-issue pulp fanzine ever published. Check out our horror magazine selection for the very best in unique or Horror magazine, pulp, short stories, dark fiction, ghosts, zombies, fantasy, poetry,  Long-time seller of pulp-related reprints, fanzines and reference books. Jeffrey Meyerson said. Wizards Mutants Laser Pistols, the fanzine, will be exploding into mailboxes in about one month's time. Cook did not subscribe to ECHOES, we hope he did get his copies from Robert Weinberg at the time. LASFS - The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, the world's oldest continuously-active science-fiction and fantasy club. digest magazine line, MAGAZINE OF HORROR and STARTLING MYSTERY STORIES. 189 likes · 7 talking about this. Vincent and Jules are sitting down in a diner enjoying some hot breakfast, having a . click on thumbnails to view larger cover images click on highlighted dates to download pdf files: scroll down to view selections items are arranged alphabetically by title (excluding a, an, and the) Pulp magazines were inexpensive fiction magazines that were published from 1896 to the late 1950s. This one came out in 1970. Interviews, articles and reviews on 50 years of classic horror fiction. " - Justin Marriott, Editorial: The Pulpit Of Horror. Though this is a commercial site, it has background information available for free. :) Aside from being completely awesome, we also read lots of books and love to give out our opinions like candy. The best in classic Pulp covers and Pulp-inspired comic art. 99 Bundle price: $0. The term pulp fiction can also refer to mass market paperbacks since the 1950s. The contents were absent from the spine, but for a buck it was a no-brainer. For the first half of the 20th century, pulp fiction made up America's most popular form of entertainment, beyond even movies and radio. Pulp Fiction is a 1994 American crime film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino; it is based on a story by Tarantino and Roger Avary. , and a surprising amount of aggro. D. In the years since then he has added THE SLEAZY READER, PULP HORROR, HOT LEAD, MEN OF VIOLENCE and, most recently, MONSTER MANIACS, a fanzine focusing on horror comics and magazines. "Deep-Sea Diver," in this issue, is one of them. Contents Issue 7 of Pulp Horror is now available through Amazon UK, Europe and US. Find great deals on eBay for pulp sci-fi posters. DARK FANTASY #20 FANZINE (Shadow Press 1979) Gene Day & Dave Sim (FN+) RARE Track Page Views WithAuctiva's FREE Counter 371981607008 -Star Trek fanzine #41 -Size is about 8 1/4 X 11 -Has a mailing cover rather than an envelope Pulps Dime Novels Pulp Memorabilia Monster & Horror TV Guide THE HORROR FICTION REVIEW began in 2003 as an old-school fanzine, generally a 14-20 paged, stapled-Xerox publication featuring reviews of horror novels, occasional film reviews, and author interviews. Horror Stories was an American pulp magazine that published tales of the supernatural, horror, and macabre. A photo log history of the movies of Boris Karloff. In order to navigate Original pulp magazines – printed on high bulk pulp paper. The long lost story of this long forgotten publishing event is Concerning Editorial pieces/Columns/Reviews on ALL PULP-Opinions and Views Expressed in a Column, Review, or other non news editorial piece are clearly the views of the Individual writing the piece and do not necessarily in any way reflect the views of ALL PULP or its staff as a collective. ” These were mainly obscure pulp related movies. He opened his own store near Disneyland and later moved, buying a store in Seattle. A Colmena Publication. Comics 4 1952 Fr Sale. Since they first debuted in the pulp magazines in the 20s and 30s with characters like The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Bat and the like, super-powered masked vigilantes have held the fascination of the world. . This list of comics publishing companies lists companies, specifically publishing companies who primarily publish comics. 99 Horny Toad & Co Finlay Dress Size S Long Sleeve Dark Teal Blue Knee Length Alongside this, I’m waiting on a copy of the 1961 fanzine “Who Killed Science Fiction” by Earl Kemp, to get some reflective feedback from science fiction authors and fans on this particular moment in time. For ISFDB purposes this may also be used as a designation for the quality of the paper. R- Evolution' and horror movie fanzine What Monster, among others. Sounds are expressed using speech balloons and onomatopoeia. At the height of its popularity in the 1980s and early '90s it was the most prominent horror publication in the world An upgrade to the previously posted scan with a better front cover and back cover. Krenkel: And Still More Birthdays (Adventures Fantastic) The Nightmarish, Existential, Deeply Personal Horror Stories of Edgar Allan Poe: Oldstyle Tales' Macabre Masters (The Classic The first book for the return to the world of Locke and Key has a name and has a release date. pulp magazine cover for Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine . Fred Nadis’s The Man From Mars is a full bodied, in-depth and addictive investigation into the life of this truly underground man. Pulp magazines, or “the pulps,”  The fanzine of vintage men's adventure paperbacks. Both of those titles are put together by writer and editor Justin Marriott, who also produces the exceedingly excellent “Pulp Horror” fanzine. In fact, this rabidly-edited creepfest might be one of the strangest straight-up horror films I’ve yet witnessed. 8 Specializes in old magazines, comics, pulps, books and related collectibles. If you create a free account and sign in, you will be able to customize what is displayed. The images are usually arranged in panels in sequence that convey the story. Pulp Referance Books. CONTENTS: Marvel Stories [v2 #3, April 1941] (15¢, 116pp, pulp, cover by J. The Pulp. Another great fanzine from Alan Barbour. The following list is merely a starter kit for the new pulp enthusiast. THE LIST OF MAGAZINES AND EZINES PAGE. ISBN 978-0-9955719-0-7. There are more to come. “I have met many recent publishers of erotica (including Wood), and I believe almost all of the erotic publishers in America during the 1930s and ’40s and of the 1950s and ’60s in France. Burroughs Collectibles. Welcome to Pulp Coming Attractions where you can obtain the latest in pulp and . The typical pulp magazine had 128 pages; it was 7 inches wide by 10 inches high, and 0. Now if you listen to Pulp Crazy, you know I’m a fan of sword & sorcery, especially pulp era s&s. P. Enjoy over 300 pages of articles on pulps as well as a pair of classic reprints, written by a variety of pulp experts. Official fanzine of the Swansea SF Group which published a short story by Brian Stableford. Shop categories. The Reprobate – First Transmission. Pulp Horror 6 128 pages (or so), all in colour with a book spine. Though Mr. George Hagenauer's Comic Art Shop. 00 Full Set - Sword And Fantasy 1-15 - Robert E. PULP Covers. My buddy David K and Jessie Midnitecrawlr have just published the first issue of a new review fanzine on Asian cinema entitled ASIAN CINEMA TAKEOUT! I'm on board as a writer and there's a bunch of other spiffy folks there as well. Fangoria is an internationally distributed American horror film fan magazine, in publication since 1979. Lerner, Norman Spinrad, Brendan DuBois, Michael F . I discovered lurid New English Library paperbacks and The Pan Book of Horror Stories, pulp horror like Guy N Smith and Shaun Hutson. Above you see a Spanish poster for this award winning war drama, which premiered in Madrid yesterday in 1946. Pulp heroes and their authors have influenced every medium including comics, movies, and television. He bought pulp magazines from newsstands as a boy in the 1930s, and by the early 1940s began attending some of the first organized science fiction conventions. Fanzine Focus: ‘Pulp Review/High Adventure’ (The Pulp Super-Fan) Heroines of Science Fiction and Fantasy (PulpFest) Hugh B. Jackson and Pulp magazines (or pulp fiction; often referred to as "the pulps") were inexpensive fiction magazines. As you know, a highlight of one of our book buying trips to England (and Wales, as he lives very near the border) was going to Mr. [3] Não havia muita profissionalização ou estudo do que estava acontecendo à época. Any pulp ephemera such as advertisement signs or club membership pins to Doc Savage, The Shadow etc. Support by ordering direct on DarkRegions. jpg Science Fantasy, which also appeared under the titles Impulse and SF Impulse, was a British fantasy and science fiction magazine, launched in 1950 by Nova Publications as a companion to Nova's New Worlds. 121 relations. As far as I can tell, no one has started a thread for my primordial 'fanzine about fanzines', Wark. The Eaton Collection is the largest publicly-accessible collection of science fiction, fantasy, horror and utopian fiction in the world. Doc Savage by Jim Garrison. Each movie was described in the Windy City Pulp Stories book. There's ancient Elder Ones, of course. Pulp Fiction was always a film that asked more questions  Sep 25, 2018 The fourteenth edition of Pulp, made for Fedrigoni by Eye magazine. "Wah Wah" (VAVA tv, Germany 1996, English language) TV special dedicated to the American record label Crypt Records. O termo fanzine, cunhado para designar essas publicações amadoras, só surgiria em outubro de 1940, assim denominado por Russ Chauvene. A collection of the out-of-print first three issues of Pulp Horror, the fanzine dedicated to vintage horror fiction from pulps, magazines and paperbacks. , 1975) Part of the job in maintaining a blog such as this one is in finding comics that are not only obscure and unusual, but entirely mind-blowing and fantastic as well. “From pulp fiction and occultism to UFO and conspiracy theories, Sci-fi magus Ray Palmer was ahead of the crowd, fashioning 21st century sensibilities far in advance of the online generation. Framed 8x10 Virgil Finlay print "Horror in Burying Ground" (Hazel Heald 1937) Horny Toad &: $29. (This copy comes Yes, we're back to Casablanca. A fantastic close-up of Lon Chaney Jr. P/B. Die Liste der Exclusiv interviewpartner liest sich wie ein who´ s who der internationalen Prominenz. What both do is introduce their settings and set them up for play with Zero Rolemaster Fanzine Issue 0001 Regular price: $0. PulpFest has become a top venue for writers and publishers to roll out their newest titles. Above is "Advice", a letter from a sixteen-year-old John Eric Holmes to Famous Fantastic Mysteries, a fantasy and sci-fi pulp magazine, with many enthusiastic suggestions for older stories they might republish. Ennesima caccola nell'universo conosciuto che tornerà ignorata da qui a lì mentre te la togli dal naso e con una schicchera te la cacci via dal dito. R. - First editor was Dave Keil then Gary Collins and later Frederick S. I opened it and to my delight discovered it was a fanzine devoted to the works of Karl Edward Wagner. Articles for issue  Buy Pulp Horror 8: The fanzine devoted to horror in vintage paperbacks, pulps and comics by Justin Marriott, Andreas Decker, Jim O'Brien, Tom Tesarek, Ben  The Pulp Magazines Project is an open-access archive and digital research initiative for most influential print culture forms: the all-fiction pulpwood magazine. com: Pulp Horror 8: The fanzine devoted to horror in vintage paperbacks, pulps and comics (9781731132079): Justin Marriott, Andreas Decker, Jim O'Brien, Tom Tesarek, Ben Spurling, Morgan Holmes: Books Pulp Horror issue 5: The fanzine dedicated to horror fiction in books, mags, pulps and comics (Volume 1) Paperback – November 24, 2017 by Justin Marriott (Author) Justin is a publisher of fanzines that focus primarily on mid- to late-20th Century pulp paperbacks, including THE PAPERBACK FANATIC, THE SLEAZY READER, PULP HORROR, and MEN OF VIOLENCE. Specializes in old magazines, comics, pulps, books and related collectibles. At the end of April Strange Horizons set aside an issue to focus on Nigerian science fiction and fantasy that featured two original stories: “The Storm Painter” by Avodele Olofintuade and “Where the Rain Mothers Are” by Rafeeat Aliyu. It consists of hardback and paperback books, pulp magazines, fanzines, film and visual material, comic books, and ephemera. I would have bet big bucks that the oeuvre of the great Guy N. Pulp magazines were inexpensive fiction magazines that were published from 1896 to the late 1950s. as the Frankenstein Monster stands out among other great shots of him in various roles, and horror host Jeepers of Theatre 13 is spotlighted. So I won't be running huge cover galleries for the most part, but plan to focus on reviews of individual titles, or titles with a common theme. In 2008--mainly due to skyrocketing printing costs--the fanzine became the e-zine you're now looking at. Shop with confidence. Howard wrote something for every interest: sword and sorcery, hard-boiled detectives, weird horror, historical fiction, boxing, westerns, pirates, and poetry. Howard Pulp Fanzine, Weird Tales Directed by Ulli Bujard. In addition to the reviews, a story by Paul Batteiger entitled The Howling God and Howie Bentley's poem The Towers of Set are included. Smith's house and seeing all his books in their natural habitat, so to speak. DARK FANTASY #20 FANZINE (Shadow Press 1979) Gene Day & Dave Sim (FN+) RARE - $11. Browse lots of kull robert on sale on the internet. First class fanzine. The name "pulp" comes from the cheap wood pulp paper on which such magazines were printed. It's considered the greatest American hard-boiled detective magazine of all time. First New Original Pulp Stories First New Stories (of original pulp characters) I think the “awakening” of Pulp Renaissance began about 1965, less than fifteen years after the so-called death of the character pulps, with the fanzine, BRONZE SHADOWS, by Fred Cook. Black Mask launched the careers of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler. [3] [4] [5] Professor Kinema and Zacherley strike again. Scott) 8 · The Last Secret Weapon · Polton Cross [pseudonym of John Russell Fearn] · na 46 · The Thought Machine · Ray Cummings · ss Argosy All-Story Weekly May 26, 1923 53 · The Girl From Venus · D. “The Mill” – 15mm Fanzine January 8, 2019 January 9, 2019 by The Miniature Wargaming Editor Peter Pig Miniatures has launched a new quarterly 15mm fanzine called the 15 Mill, or The Mill. Although it has been a low budget project that is not concerned with being  Feb 18, 2018 Review: The Paperback Fanatic / Sleazy Business / Pulp Horror rendered forms appeared on hundreds of paperback and magazine covers  Mar 27, 2018 Pulp Fiction will likely hold up generations from now, but the resonance of its title may already be lost to history. Spiritual pulp is actually what most of us are thinking of when we use Indiana Jones as an analogy for the pulps. Graveyard Of Horror, a Spanish production originally titled Necrophagus, does more than keep the ball rolling. Weinberg did more than anyone, I think, to carry Weird Tales from the defunct era of the pulps into the 1970s and beyond. 98 from OLDIES. Download Issues of “Weird Tales” (1923-1954): The Pioneering Pulp Horror Magazine Features Original Stories by Lovecraft, Bradbury & Many More. Weird Menace/Horror (130) Western Digest doc savage ebook Edgar Rice Burroughs fanzine Fiction Original Pulp Horror Fantasy Gypsy Witch Crystal Ball Illustration Art Painting Full Set - $175. The term pulp derives from the cheap wood pulp paper on  Amazon. ” Captive Women of Pulpy Porn They were a product of the good old days when the good old days meant there was a big difference between fantasy and reality. Listen to what is promised, and how it is lived, by L. Wells and Jules Verne, but gradually began to include more works of original “scientifiction”. 75 Stalkers is a game of cosmic horror. The letter appeared on page 127 of the April 1946 issue. A snip from the letters to the editor of the April 1929 Discussions section from Amazing Stories. Today marks the 111th anniversary of the birth of pulp writer Robert E. Man of Two Worlds: My Life in Science Fiction & Comics. The Lot Of 50 Comics shown on this page are offered for sale at deep discounts. El material I've been reading pulp fiction for more than 50 years — initially in paperback and hardcover reprints, but also in the original magazines, which I started collecting in earnest about 25 years ago. In contrast, magazines printed on higher-quality paper were called "glossies" or "slicks". The booklets will be printed in a limited run, with the goal to resemble old school pulp fanzines. Your one-stop, on-line shop for new and vintage Comic Books from independent publishers, delivered fresh to your desktop in electronic format. a. Buy Pulp Horror issue 5: The fanzine dedicated to horror fiction in books, mags, pulps and comics: Volume 1 Issue 5 by Justin Marriott (ISBN: 9781981135509) from Amazon's Book Store. 25, see one of our first ads) and on the web since 1996. All Comics 4 1952 Fr listed are from our selection from Ebay. SFFaudio’s Public Domain PDF page contains many scans of full Weird Tales issues, from the 20s to the 50s, tucked in amongst several other genre magazines and a few issues of 19th century title Argosy, Justin began publishing his flagship fanzine THE PAPERBACK FANATIC in 2007. THE KOBRA MANIFESTO by Adam Hall 1976 First Ed. The term punkzine was possibly coined in the UK anarcho-punk scene, specifically by writers who objected to the connotations of the word fanzine, believing that the first part of the word implied the slavish following of musicians and unquestioning acceptance of celebrity culture. I imagine this will be to X-plorers what Fight On! is to Swords and Wizardry. Pulp Magazine Index 1: Publishers and horror fiction between 3-5k Doc Savage - A History of the Doc Savage Adventures in Pulps, Paperbacks, Comics, Fanzine, Radio and Film by Robert Michael 'Bobb' Carter - Hardcover Book (2009) for $35. RARE book/fanzine from 1969! Super cool magazine size publication, but on heavy stock book paper and heavy sock cover. Black Powder, Black Magic: A ’Zine of Six-Guns and Sorcery is one such fanzine. Pulp Fiction is a 1994 film by director Quentin Tarantino, who cowrote the film with Roger Avary. I devoured The Rats in a day, and went straight back to the library for more. The First Marvels - The Short Life of the Fanzine "Marvel Tales;" 1934-1935 A somewhat recent discussion on a few mailing lists I am subscribed to led me to think a bit more about pulp fandom, science fiction fandom, and, really, all fandom, I suppose. Like the pulp writers from the 1920 to the 1940's, I believe that there is movement, overlooked by critical establishment of female writers who write the pulp fiction of the 21st century, of the electronic medium, from horror, to satire,from mermaids, to bdsm to Reverse Harem Romances, all for mostly chip driven internet medium. The pulps gave rise to the term pulp fiction in reference to run-of-the-mill, low-quali Reprint: Ghost Stories June 1931 by Pulp Classics This is a facsimile reproduction of a pulp magazine from Wildside Press. Since we're theorizing, and people seem to be excited, such as yourself, wildlele, I'm curious what you think you will glean from said Taschen book th Pulp Fiction is a 1994 American neo-noir crime black comedy film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, from a story by Tarantino and Roger Avary. 10 Short Novels Oct 1938 V1 No1 by Ace Magazines [M][W]. Ramsey Campbell (born 4 January 1946 in Liverpool) is an English horror fiction writer, editor and critic who has been writing for well over fifty years. 75 Format: Watermarked PDF Welcome to issue 1 of the RoleMaster Blog Monthly or RMB Monthly from now on. Now, because of ambitious DA's and politicians, the lines have been deliberately blurred. A treat for Mexican horror fans is Thomas Bradley's article, Ship of Monsters. Classic Horror Movies, Hollywood Golden Age, Glamour Girls, High Quality Photos, Etymology []. Alle, der kender lidt til den danske fanzine-scene, har også hørt navnet Henrik Larsen. Lest Darkness Fall Emsh Original Cover Art Painting; The Queen of The Damned (Signed)(Limited Edition) with Walotsky Lithograph; What Dreams May Come (20th Anniversary Edition) Signed Details about FANTASY MACABRE #3 - 1982 horror fanzine, Joe Lansdale, Alan Hunter, Dave Carson. Results 1 - 25 of 1352 Get the best deal for science fiction fanzine from the largest online GERNSBACK MENS SCI-FI SCIENCE FICTION FANZINE PULP MAG. For various reasons (rusty referee, discompatible player characters, etc. com Cartoons & Comics McFarland & Company Series - Order by Phone 1-800-336-4627 • Horror Author Responds at Stupefying Length to Unseen Review • Dublin 2019 Hugo ballot : personalized links for online voting and the voter packet are being emailed to members PULP ARCHIVE. [4] Tarantino's second feature film is iconic for its eclectic dialogue, ironic mix of humor and violence, nonlinear storyline, and a host of cinematic allusions and pop culture references. If you have come into the possesion of a pulp collection from an estate, it is likely that some of the above is present as part of the estate. Calvin T. 347 Fangoria Magazine Fanzine Pulp Fiction Horror Film Fan Pdfs DVD $6. Horror Pictures Collection. It's also Star Wars and a host of other modern takes; this is what pulp transmigrated into, in a sense: modern takes on the pulp genre, but also rife with the advances and tropes of modern gaming. Often, the fanzines served like a platform for organizing fan meetings and conventions and attracting new members to specific fan groups. 99 Buy It Now 18d 20h , Click to see shipping cost , 60-Day Returns, eBay Money Back Guarantee Buy Pulp Horror issue 5: The fanzine dedicated to horror fiction in books, mags, pulps and comics: Volume 1 Issue 5 by Justin Marriott (ISBN: 9781981135509) from Amazon's Book Store. FANTASY MAGAZINE FANZINE THE WEIRD STORY MAGAZINE – 8/40 – the only issue of this scarce U. “If you read the big piece I did in [print-only horror fanzine] Fangoria magazine, you can tell that this is not a joke to me. Foul things from beyond the Void and terrible Servitor Races with horrific designs. Though I have had a lot of fun, I've found that my taste for blogging has diminished quite a bit. I. 96. Shop our collection of Golden Age comics, Silver Age comics, CGC comics, Big Little Books, pulp magazines, men's adventure magazines, sports programs, NASCAR memorabilia, vintage toys, Disneyana, movie posters, movie and TV stills, lobby cards, and arcade cards. The latest Tweets from komaboy (@komakinofanzine). I love old sci-fi art. Crawl-thulhu: A Two-Fisted ’Zine of Lovecraftian Horror is another. Walt Simonson contributes the front and back covers and four interior illustrations to this side-stapled fanzine devoted to horror films! pulp magazine signed on Debuting at PulpFest 2019. This distinct ability to provide a means of fan interaction and a jump-start for aspiring science fiction writers laid the path for a thriving underground industry. This is a mix of my art for sale as I am thinning the collection as I age (and the new house has less wall space and consignment art from friends . com: Pulp Horror issue 5: The fanzine dedicated to horror fiction in books, mags, pulps and comics (Volume 1) (9781981135509): Justin Marriott:  Amazon. All Lot Of 50 Comics listed are from our selection from Ebay. Skip to main content. Pulp Adventures #20 (Winter 2016) is the sixth issue of the new version from Bold Venture Press. Read a little about our history. We need this convention to keep the pulps alive so Doug Ellis, Deb Fulton, John Gunnison and others, all deserve our thanks. the Crime Comic Books – 1948 [1] Crimes by Women — No. His work appeared in "Julius Caesar Fanzine Sardine cans several public domain fan magazines into one sentimental serving! Monsterscope puts panorama to shame with some of the best from numerous monster mags, including Fantastic Monsters of the Films, Horror Monsters, and Mad Monsters! Fanzine Sardine cans several public domain fan magazines into one sentimental serving! Monsterscope puts panorama to shame with some of the best from numerous monster mags, including Fantastic Monsters of the Films, Horror Monsters, and Mad Monsters! En esta oportunidad, Mosquito Records presenta la original versión de Surf Rider (The Lively Ones), que forma parte de esta nueva, salvaje y sucia experiencia denominada PULP FICTION - Surf Themes – by Los Stomias, disponible en CD y producida por Mosquito Records (Lima-Perú). Rare stills. 5" by 9. Strange Horizons 4/19, 5/19 Samovar 3/19 Constellary Tales #2 Deep Magic Spring ’19. Find Wifi Thermostats, Water Sensors, Smart Homes, and more! Featuring Fn Gary in stock. Observant readers of Nerds of a Feather will note that there are six finalists listed below, but Black Gate is crossed out. “Challenger Storm’s debut novel, “The Isle of Blood,” was a delight to all pulp fans everywhere,” says Airship 27 Managing Editor Ron Fortier. W. FOR WRITERS AND POETS TO SUBMIT THEIR WORK (updated August 31, 2019) Please contact Jeani Rector if you want your magazine to be considered for this page, OR to report any links that are not current and/or not working. I’ve tried to list the main pulp hero characters, many with their own magazines, some as back up stories in the magazines. "One of Argosy's authors who has been doing a series based on hazardous occupations has been having the time of his life living his stories before he writes them. This is sort of the publishable part of his mega-dungeon-in-space project. Lots of contributions by the likes of Mike Ashley, David Sutton, Ramsey Campbell, etc. He's taking submissions through March 1 A[braham] Merritt (1884–1943), writer of fantasy and horror tales for the pulps. The Vintage Library is a specialty, online bookstore featuring thousands of new books, magazines, fanzines, audio CDs and DVDs. Men of Violence 7 48 pages black and white Horror. Some obvious 'fantasy' fanzines are included, as material therein may interest sf readers. Pulp #9 Sum 1976 Robert Weinberg Fanzine Secret Agent X Coffin For Avenger FN+. THE PULP HORROR BOOK OF PHOBIAS edited by MJ Sydney (2019 Lycan THE HORROR FICTION REVIEW began in 2003 as an old-school fanzine,  The family felt strongly about offering his massive collection of pulp magazines, comics, science fiction, horror, fantasy books, fanzines, original art and more. 16 pages. More reviews of classic fantasy, horror, science fiction and adventure books. The Old Pulp Hermit is still under the weather, so I'm filling in for him again. First published in April 1926 by Hugo Gernsback , Amazing Stories initially contained reprints of works by well-known authors like H. Beck's Journal of Frankenstein (later Castle of Frankenstein) and Gary Svehla's Gore Creatures were the first horror fanzines created as more serious alternatives to the popular Forrest J Ackerman 1958 magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland. G. Following the announcement of the Hugo Award finalists, Black Gate withdrew from MAN’S STORY-OCT 1962-NAZI BONDAGE-WEIRD MENACE-HORROR-PULP-CHEESECAKE in Comic Collectibles > Magazines The Eaton Collection is the largest publicly-accessible collection of science fiction, fantasy, horror and utopian fiction in the world. 1921 a fanzine out of Detroit, MI. Play next; Play now; Livre / Book X-RATED - ADULT MOVIE POSTERS OF THE 60s AND 70s (Reel Art Press) Creeping Unknown 19 Horror Film Video Fanzine 1991 John McNaughton Sam Z Arkoff 1954 FANTASY TIMES: $25. Edited by David Flint. Flynn — and Black Gate blogger Marie Bilodeau! Here’s the complete Tables of Contents for all three. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. The Happy Mag. Pulp ou pulp fiction revista pulp, ou, ainda, revista de emoção, [1] são nomes dados, a partir do início da década de 1900, às revistas feitas com papel barato, fabricado a partir de polpa de celulose. The First and Only Online Fanzine Devoted to the Life and Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs 1940s Wartime Pulp Magazines Hybrid of Horror by John Coleman and Jane The Health Knowledge Genre Magazines Part One: The Magazine of Horror by Peter Enfantino As a collector of pulps and paperbacks, I’m often asked that collector's question, “what is the best deal you’ve ever made?” In 1971, two young men by the names of Sal Quartuccio and John Carbonaro put together what may be the greatest group of talent to ever appear in one fanzine: Marv Wolfman, Ken Barr, Neal Adams, Bernie Wrightson, Gerry Conway, Gray Morrow, Mike Kaluta, Tony DeZuniga, Ernie Colon, Frank Brunner, Rich Buckler, Jeff Jones, Denny O'Neil and Len Wein to name a few. A pristine copy of this pulp magazine signed on the cover by five contributors: . There are a number of incongruous things about the $5 milkshake  In In the spirit of true pulp fiction style the Kindle version of the magazine will ONLY COST 99 CENTS per issue. Rodriguez teased some art on his instagram and I couldn't be happier! Just over one month Posts about fanzine written by docmystery. The movie was a smash hit everywhere because, simply put, it dealt with every important theme in the realm of human experience, which is why it's still fundamental viewing. Find your 4 horror on the internet! Tractor Parts & Equipment. Horror Art Horror Comics Creepy Horror Cryptozoology Fiction Novels Pulp Fiction Science Fiction Comic Book Covers Comic Books CREEPY Comics Horror Magazine Publisher: Warren Publications Used VG+++/-FINE or better with the usual surface wear & slight rubbing to covers from book being handled read and stored. Amazon. Original price sticker on back cover. This site has dug up a wide variety of products ready for shipping at a range of costs. This year’s theme is H. This month we are starting to look at Brian Hanson’s Mentalism realm in BASiL. The articles in this issue focus on the best pulp era villains from G-8, the Spider, the Shadow, Doc Savage, Daredevil Aces, and the Secret Six, plus regular departments The Pulp Quiz & Pulp Notes. As with the others, we get a collection of classic pulp fiction, new pulp fiction, and non-fiction articles, all under a Norman Saunders cover (a western this time). They were widely published from the 1920s through the 1950s. We feature an expansive collection at the best prices. Then I found James Herbert. Information moves so quickly that its richness is lost and I find myself gorged on many ideas but unable to sit with them long enough to bear fruit. Nowhere was there a more formidable challenge than in the pages of the pulps, which often chewed up and spat out would-be writers faster than new ones could step forward. Fanzine edited by Robert Weinberg. The cosmic horrors are still there, just the players can punch back a bit harder. I not only love books but I also love books ABOUT books. " - Editor Stephen King considers It his "final exam" on horror. over at Sword+1 is starting an X-plorers fanzine he's named "Boarding Action". Classic Monsters, Horror Fanzine from United States Ceased publication - First and last issue: 1962-1966 - Horror film fanzine, inspired by the success of Famous Monsters of Filmland. Clarke (Cinefantastique). Feb 23, 2018 "The pulp magazine subculture is fading away. Swan, Ltd. A pioneer in pulp science fiction, Ray Cummings inspired an entirely-new fiction genre  Burroughs fanzine Fiction House full color H. He is the creator of Freak Tension fanzine, the longest running (and possibly most sporadic) horror and punk zine in the Midwest. Well, another Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention for 2015 has come and gone, and with it we get another convention program book: Windy City Pulp Stories #15. Horror Paperback Infestation I was an instant fan of Beth Holmes' The Whipping Boy (Jove Publications, '78), a strange and sometimes mind-boggling tale of child abuse. 99. The article reveals the story behind the first authorized Doc Savage story published after the final pulp magazine epic Up From Earth's Center. His secret is easy: his girl-friend Selin is a vampire. Dave Smith is a collector and dealer in pulp magazines & old comics, having started in the late 1960’s while working for a used & rare book store in downtown Anaheim. While preternatural horror is often the goal of fiction set in Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos, humor also has a tendency to sneak in. DEFINITION OF 'SF' FANZINE: The question of what constitutes an 'SF fanzine' as opposed to a 'fantasy' or 'comics' or 'horror' or 'Tolkien' or similar fanzine has been left to common sense or the editor's own prejudices. 3, Oct 1948, Fox Features Syndicate, Inc. ​Books: Fiction from the 1900s - 1950s with some exceptions. Retrospace channels it all: The ORDIAN race are tall, shaggy things that speak in grunts and roars (their language is called M'waar). But these were the most popular of the genre. This is the logo used for this classic pulp magazine from the 1930s. Pulp Macabre — The Art of Lee Brown Coye. Bedford-Jones hard-boiled hero historical fiction Lester Dent Munsey Norvell Page Popular Publications pulps  Feb 16, 2017 Occasionally, a publication will rise above the level of fanzine to become The Paperback Fanatic, Pulp Horror, Sleazy Reader, and especially  Jul 4, 2019 a printed horror fiction zine. Spike Y Jones and his delightful family stopped in at Chateau Mystery on their way back home to Maryland. But I reckon the Brits have always done horror   Oct 26, 2013 In the introduction to a new book on the subject of horror film fanzines and the culture they spawned, author John Szpunar deliberates on the  Results 1 - 48 of 8749 I was the Editor-in-Chief and publisher of the e-zine from inception until it's end. The legendary pulp magazine Ghost Stories published an odd mix of supernatural fiction and "true tales" of the supernatural though their "truth" was frequently in doubt, since they were penned Buy Pulp Horror 8: The fanzine devoted to horror in vintage paperbacks, pulps and comics by Justin Marriott, Andreas Decker, Jim O'Brien, Tom Tesarek, Ben Spurling, Morgan Holmes (ISBN: 9781731132079) from Amazon's Book Store. They are presented here for their historical significance and the edification of magazine fans and collectors, everywhere. jpg; 10 STORY FANTASY Spring 1951 Avon V1 No1 Only issue. Shop by category. com: Pulp Horror issue 6: The fanzine of vintage horror paperbacks ( Volume 1) (9781984220059): Justin Marriott: Books. Je commence aujourd'hui avec le troisième opus d'Abordages, fanzine atypique et attachant qui consacre à chaque numéro l'intégralité de son sommaire à un film. have been included in recent Best of Horror volumes by Ellen like a classic small press fanzine of the past, but the Goin' Underground: The Skull Killer (Pulp Mania Inc. Mike D. The two magazines contain fiction from Andy Duncan, Sandra McDonald, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Rich Larson, James Sallis, Adam-Troy Castro, Tony Ballantyne, Edward M. On October 16, Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez are bringing us back to the Locke family in a book entitled Dog Days. Pulp Collectibles. Enter your search keyword Dark Regions Press is an independent specialty publisher of horror, fantasy and science fiction books since 1985. “Oh yeah,” he says. Following are some of the books that will be premiering at our 2019 convention . 68 relations. Its a reprint from the Wolverine Nov. The Leagues of Adventure core rulebook (previously in our December 2015 Ubiquity Bundle), the Leagues of Gothic Horror setting book and its Expansion, and Appendix 1: Edgar Allan Poe; Leagues of Cthulhu; The essential sourcebooks Guide to Mordavia: Land of Horror and The Ministry of Unusual Affairs UK’s Lethean seems to have started out in recent years as a solo project from James Ashbey (ex-Sostice, Deceptor and Cimmerion Shadows fanzine). A crime drama with a fragmented storyline, the film is known for its rich, eclectic dialogue, its ironic mix of humor and violence, and its host of cinematic and pop culture references. This issue focuses on many serials of the golden age with descriptions and information Shop lots of 4 horror on sale now. "I plan to make Pulp Horror more personal and focused than The Paperback Fanatic. 1938. In my view, this blend of new and old pulp fiction (with occasional pre-pulp and post-pulp) that doesn’t focus on one pulp genre — we get horror, science fiction, crime & detective, railroading, and pulp hero in this one — makes this one of the best pulp fiction fanzines coming out now. This shopping feature will continue to load items. Giant Visual Guide to Berni Wrightson with many rare illustrations from early fanzine and comics work. What we have for you this month are seven mentalism lists. Thanks to an old friend, I've just acquired six back issues, so I'll list the contents here in the next day or two. Contact us at departedpaper @ att. 25 1954 FANTASY TIMES Fanzine #200 Science Fiction Pulp 32pgs GD+ Sam Mines Space-faring exploits are pulp fantasy of the highest order, and Star Wars has everything in common with the daring-do of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon, with more than a little Tolkien thrown in. Total Issues: 236. I know Spike from the venerable gaming APA “Alarums & Excursions” and actually met him in Indianapolis the last time I attended GenCon some 5 or so years ago. Palmer e Walter Dennis. Lovecraft, the celebrated pulp horror author, along with Street & Smith’s comic line. The Comics 4 1952 Fr shown on this page are offered for sale at deep discounts. We've found a curated assortment at a range of prices. Its fans the best science fiction short stories from the pulp magazines of the 1930s and 1940s. Mar 1, 2015 Pulp-Fiction as we know itSo we all know the story. His bizarro horror fiction has been published in more than 25 underground books and magazines, including Bare Bone, Cthulhu Sex and Black Petals. fantasy/horror pulp published by Gerald G. Spider reproduction front cover (bondage cover). a portrait of MZB from a flyer for an autograph session at the iconic Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore in Minneapolis, Minnesota, year unknown a portrait of MZB from a flyer for an autograph session at the iconic Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore in Minneapolis, Minnesota, year unknown All had imaginative, inventive, and quite violent content. Following the announcement of the Hugo Award finalists, Black Gate withdrew from DEFINITION OF 'SF' FANZINE: The question of what constitutes an 'SF fanzine' as opposed to a 'fantasy' or 'comics' or 'horror' or 'Tolkien' or similar fanzine has been left to common sense or the editor's own prejudices. Find Science Fiction Pulps In Stock Now. His late novel, Dwellers in the Mirage (1932), may have been influenced by Lovecraft. The first issue was published in January 1935 ,  GHOST STORIES: CLASSIC STORIES OF HORROR AND SUSPENSE edited by . He remained an active collector, fanzine creator, book dealer, and fan until his death in 2011. In the 1960s, many Finlay illustrations were republished for the Health Knowledge Inc. [3] In 1953 Reed Crandall began to draw horror features for EC Comics, such as Haunt of Fear, Tales From The Crypt, and Two-Fisted Tales. The fanzine is a very unique publication. E. Spirit - Ein Lächeln im Sturm, das Fanzine für Film, Theater, Musik, Literatur und Hörspiel. Cover by James Bama [M][W]. short stories, with nearly 100 new science fiction books released over the last year. 5". The early part of the 20th century was a wild time in fiction, when publishers would try just about anything to see if it sold. Ron Hubbard. 6 Horror Magazines You Should Be Reading. Cave, Cordwainer Smith, Roy G. But, starting with this debut album, James has added Thumri Paavana on vocals full time (though James still handles all instruments). It's Lovecraftian in aspect, but not built around the Cthulhu mythos specifically. Published by Stormlord Publishing, it takes Dungeon Crawl Classics to the Wild West and the Weird West of the 1880s. Aug 4, 2011 Posted by Steve under Pulp Fiction , Reviews The first quality pulp fanzine that I read was Lynn Hickman's Pulp Era in the late 1960's and  HomeFanzines . These books and  Dec 10, 2017 In the years since then he has added THE SLEAZY READER, PULP HORROR and my new favorite, MEN OF VIOLENCE, which focuses on  Pulp Fiction and Science Fiction Fanzines. Back around the beginning of May, Feral House, a small press with a taste for the outrageous, approached PulpFest with an offer that was very difficult to refuse. If you can wrangle a copy, you won't be disappointed. Best script goes to Gerry Conway’s excellent adaptation of ‘The Roaches!’ 31 pages of new story & art. 5 inches thick, with ragged, untrimmed edges. com. Jens Feldner's pulp fantasy novels are a success. THE KOBRA MANIFESTO - $12. pulp horror fanzine

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